Fantasy Japan

2004, now that was a great year. It was the Golden Age of Japan.

I was on my seventh trip here, crisscrossing the nation by high-speed shinkansen in search of small, traditional restaurants, ancient temples, and women with long black hair and short skirts. By then, I figured I knew the country pretty well, spoke a few words of the language, and was seriously contemplating just sleeping on the beach and never returning. I was in love with Japan. It lived up to all of my expectations. Continue reading “Fantasy Japan”

One Thing You Must Never do in Japan

Fruit flies.  I woke up on my futon and all I could see were fruit flies, which for some reason, eh, didn’t seem all that unusual.  Probably because when you live in Japan, strange stuff just happens.  I don’t know why.  Like the other day I rolled over to find my futon soaked with sweat and my apartment about 140 degrees, despite having cranked on the A/C the night before.  Hey, is it my fault that “heater” and “air conditioner” share the same kanji?  That’s more of a product-safety issue for the thermostat manufacturer, I think.  Continue reading “One Thing You Must Never do in Japan”

What to Bring to Japan: An 8-Item Checklist

If you’re planning to visit Japan, there’s definitely some stuff you should and should not bring.  And moving to Japan?  Whoa, then you really need to consider what to stuff into your gym bag.  But not to worry!  As always, Ken Seeroi is here for you, doing all that pesky thinking business so you can kick back with a margarita and relax.  Here’s all you really need to know. Continue reading “What to Bring to Japan: An 8-Item Checklist”

What Do You Think of Japan?

I used to think there were three possible answers to any question: yes, no, and whatever’s not covered by yes and no.  Like, when the waitress asks, Do you want another beer?  That’s a yes.  Isn’t it about time you thought about going home?  That would be a No, not until I get that beer I’m waiting for.  And, Would you at least please stop bothering the other customers?  That would would be a Well, if that’s how you feel about it, then I’m leaving.  Just as soon as I get that one more beer.

It’s interview season in Japan.  Continue reading “What Do You Think of Japan?”