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3 Replies to “Index of Articles”

  1. I can’t remember which post it was, but you mentioned going to Sapporo & drinking Sapporo beer & then going back to Tokyo & drinking Asahi – & that both beers taste the same. Even though Japanese corporate beer all tastes the same, do you have a favorite? What about craft beer? Do you have an all-time favorite beer, either corporate or craft?

    I ask since I have had my share of Japanese corporate beer here in the States (does it taste better in Japan?) and I also came to a similar conclusion. None of them were terrible but they all had a nesr identical flavor & none of them really stood out as exceptional. I think I prefer Korean macro beer to Japanese, but if I had to chose, I’d probably say Sapporo. I was lucky enough to try Hitachino Nest Ale & Numazu Lager, both of which were really delicious craft brews. I’d especially like to get ahold of more Numazu while I’m in Japan.

    1. Great question. Okay, I added a subscribe area to right side of every post, and the Home page. That should enable you to receive a notification about new posts.

      To subscribe to a comment thread, click on the word “here” below. (Before, you had to click on the word “subscribe.”)

      Thanks for pointing this out.


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