How Americans get Shot by the Police

It’s a funny feeling, being surrounded by a gang of cops, what with the yelling and pointing of guns and all. My first thought was, being shot to death on vacation’s gonna suck.

It’d started off well enough. Hidemi and I had breezed in from Haneda two days before. She’d wanted to go to California, but I was insistent we spend our vacation in Thailand, lounging on the white sand with a frosty Singha in one hand and a papaya salad in the other. Which would explain why we were lost in the suburbs of Los Angeles with a car full of McDonald’s wrappers, driving in circles.

“I told you to take the next exit,” she said.

“You’ve never even been to L.A.” I snapped back.

“Oh, not like your old girlfriend who lives here, right?

“We are not having this conversation,” I said.

But just like the rent-a-car, we went round and round, annoyed, jet-lagged and nauseous. Suddenly Hidemi was the Energizer Bunny of bitching. There’s too much traffic, the food sucks, people talk down to me, why isn’t the rental car cleaner? Na na na na na na na.

Now, I’m a very supportive boyfriend, and I understand what it’s like to feel out of place in a foreign land. So I said something like, “Your feelings are completely valid and I empathize with your point of view.” Although what came out sounded more like,

“Can you just shut up for one minute? It’s always na na na na na. I’m trying to drive the damn car on the wrong side of the road, after all.

To which Hidemi replied, “That’s it, stop the car. Let me out. Stop the car.”

I pulled over. Hidemi threw open the door, jumped out, and stormed down the side of the road. Jeezus. Now we got a problem.

So here I am, in some dinky little suburb of L.A., driving on the shoulder, pleading with my girlfriend out of the window of a Ford Taurus.

“Please just get in, okay? We can talk about it. Come on, ‘Demi.

“I’ll walk back. Go ahead.

“You can’t walk. We’re like ten miles from Santa Monica. Come on, I’m sorry. Please, just get in.

“I’m fine. I can walk.

“Look, there’s no way I can leave you here on the side of the road. Just get in. Let’s just talk about it for a minute. Please, come on, I’m sorry.

She huffed back in. We drove around the corner, pulled into an office park, took a breath, and then everything was . . . okay. We talked about how American food was terrible, agreed I was a dick, she apologized, and we laughed about getting lost three minutes from the freeway.

“Let’s go back to the hotel and order Dominoes,” she said.

“With corn and mayonnaise,” I replied. Then I looked in the rear-view mirror and said, “Uh oh.”

Security guards. That’s the thing about America. You can’t just park anywhere. Glad I wasn’t taking a whiz. Two cars pulled up behind us, and out jumped a bunch of blonde kids.

“Put your hands on the steering wheel!” one of the kids shouted.

“Dude, it’s cool,” I said out the window. “Sorry, we’ll move the car.

“Let me see your hands!

“Hans? Dere iz no Hans here.

“Hands on the wheel!”

And suddenly the kid had a gun pointed at my head.

I was like, “Holy shit! What the eff, man? Jeez, I’ll move the car already.

“Reach out of the window and open the door!

“Say what? Reach out the window to open the door?”

What kind of Twister is this? Meanwhile, a third car pulls up, more kids jump out, and suddenly everybody’s got a Glock trained on me. I got the door open, and was like Jeez, y’all are some mental rent-a-cops.

Police in America

Now there’s four cars, with two or three different markings, and it finally dawns on me, Oh, these are actual police. How’s a brother supposed to know? It’s not like the U.S. has one uniform for cops. That would make too much sense. You Americans with your fashion.

So forty-eight hours ago, I was in Tokyo, calmly eating a salmon rice ball and dozing on the train to the airport, and now I’m in middle of California with eight guys from the high school football team all jacked up on adrenaline and testosterone, hiding behind car doors and lining up their pistol sights. And I’m like, Man, did I pick the wrong parking lot.

“Step away from the vehicle! Keep your hands up!

“Look, let’s all just . . .

“Keep your hands up! Put your hands on the front of the car!

“Well is it up or . . .

“Hands on the hood! Move your feet back! Spread your legs!”

Now, I’m trying to do what everybody’s saying, but this is such a weird situation, it’s really hard to take it seriously. I don’t know whether to be afraid, pissed off, or indignant. It’s a warm, pleasant evening. Families are driving by, staring. The whole thing’s unreal. I just want to eat a pizza.

Suddenly, everybody rushes up to the car, and I’m being handcuffed. A policeman’s talking to Hidemi. “Are you okay? Did he hit you?” And I’m like, Why I am I the only one? I mean, not that I want Hidemi handcuffed, but what, a Japanese girl can’t have a gun? That’s pretty racist and sexist, just sayin’.

Hidemi’s English isn’t actually all that good. She looks terrified, pleading through the windshield for help.

“She’s Japanese,” I said. “You have to speak slower.

“Show me where he hit you,” said the officer, and suddenly I realized they were now gunning for something different.

“He’s my boyfriend,” she said. “He didn’t hit me.” Well, thank God for English lessons.

“We had a report of a kidnapping,” the officer said.

How Americans Get Shot

What the hell happened to to the U.S.? I step away for a couple of years and now some Dilbert slams one too many Frappaccinos and catches a couple having a 30-second spat, then whips out his iPhone and you’re within a hair’s breadth of being murdered by Biff the second-string quarterback? Guess that’s the price of freedom.

Seriously, here’s the thing—-and I know there’s a massive other issue about being black, Hispanic, or apparently an Asian female, but—-nothing prepares you for this. And that’s a problem.

You think it’s easy to comply with police instructions; it’s not. We’re used to people behaving in socially established patterns. When somebody breaks that pattern—-by pointing a gun and screaming orders—-honestly, I think the first reaction is to laugh. You can’t be serious. And thank God Ken Seeroi’s a pretty mellow dude, because I think many people’s second reaction would be that of indignation. You can’t tell me what to do. Oh yeah? Well now you’re dead, so apparently not the right answer.

Guns in America

It wasn’t until much later that I realized how close I came to being gunned down. The cops are on edge because everybody’s got a gun. Everybody’s got a gun because everybody else’s got a gun. Everybody’s also got a phone, and for some reason it’s now a good idea to call the authorities on your neighbor. For a nation that values liberty and doesn’t trust the central government, folks are in a mighty big hurry to dial 911 at the first sign of trouble.

Two weeks later, we left the land of the free and flew back to Japan. Hidemi was dozing on my shoulder, and finally everything felt normal again. I watched her resting peacefully, thought how close I’d come to not even being there, and realized we needed to reevaluate the relationship. At a certain point, you just can’t keep putting up with crazy bullshit. Nobody deserves it. And I don’t mean between Hidemi and I, of course—we were fine. I mean the relationship with America. It’s not that I don’t love you, and I really don’t want to say sayonara. It’s just maybe, you know, we should start seeing other countries.

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    1. Yeah, the whole escalation thing is really striking about the U.S. People don’t hesitate to get loud and in your face. Overreacting and violence are socially tolerated. I grew up in that culture, and I thought it was normal to hear cars honking, occasionally people shouting at each other, even a fistfight at times. And of course, like most (all?) Americans, I’ve heard plenty of gun stories. It took me a while of living overseas to realize just how bizarre that is.

      1. Yeah I really want to get out of the US myself….. I just have too much debt (student loans) to even consider it 🙁 … I am a professional ESL teacher so it would be possible, but responsibilities are responsibilities… 🙁

        I wish I’d done so when I was younger.

        1. I used to have a lot of debt myself, so I can relate. It takes real sacrifice to dig yourself out, but perhaps it’s possible. Here’s wishing you the best, and that you can get to Japan some day.

        2. If you think they are truly legitimate debts… pay them… if you think (like I do) that they are not, try not paying them and see what happens, you’ll be surprised 🙂

    2. Good luck trying to remove guns from America. Unfortunately, we don’t live on a small island and have thousands of miles of unguarded coastline where guns can be brought into the country. To top that off, More Americans can make firearms than in most countries and explosives and military grade weapons are stored all across the nation and they can be stolen quite easily if civil authority breaks down in the least. BTW, In all my 60 years I’ve never heard any American make fun of British police, but I have heard them voice their amazement at the bravery of bobbies that often have to take on criminals without any guns. Also Progressives have repeatedly cut non-lethal weapons from police budgets and instead sent military grade weapons and MRAP vehicles while purchasing millions of assault rifles and high powered ammunition, so that might be a contributing factor as they seem to be trying to create a conflict within the US.

      1. The US is also the largest manufacturer of guns (just behind Russia) so there’s that. Not sure how “thousands of miles of unguarded coastline” really matters so much.

        1. That should of read “just ahead of Russia.” With China in 3rd place.

          But really you’re in your 60 you’ve never heard a joke re: the British Police and their lack of guns. Guess you don’t hand around anyone with a sense of humor, here’s the most common one:

          British Cop to Escaping Criminal:

          Stop! Or I’ll say stop again…

          1. Never travelled to Europe, so that must be a joke that tourists use. Spent 4 years in Washington D.C. and never heard that one then either. Was in the military for 6 years and never heard that from any serviceman, many of whom travelled to Europe and England, so it might be less well known than you realize.

        2. I meant borders too, like with Mexico and Canada, its impossible to keep out guns. Many gangs that traffic in drugs also bring in illegal guns to inner city gangs from Mexico and Central America. So essentially, a ban on weapons would mainly effect just law abiding citizens.

          1. Are you serious Buddy? What special flavor of Kool-Aid are you drinking?

            Weapons flow from the US (where they can be legally purchased) out to a bunch of places where (believe it or not) they are completely illegal.

            I do not know about Canada but if you had ever driven from the US to Mexico (which I seriously doubt) you could have seen signs everywhere warning Americans like you that carrying your beloved weapons / ammunition into Mexico is completely illegal and carries a jail penalty.

            And bringing weapons from Mexico to the US?

            Haha, you gotta be kidding me. Even if people have nothing to hide your fellow citizens working for CBP treat every individual coming from South of the border like a damn threat. Not even the dumbest of criminals would try to bring weapons into the US considering this fact and the fact that you can even buy them at Wal-Mart as soon as you are on American soil.

            Also, where on earth are you going to find weapons in Mexico?
            Did I mention that buying / carrying them is completely illegal?

            Let me tell you that whatever TV shows or news you are watching are basically making you believe some fairy tale that has nothing to do with reality because smuggling drugs / weapons and illegally entering the US is not as easy (and exciting) as you think it is.

            Keep your guns in the US and carry on killing each other but please do not blame the world for your insane inner violence problems and for God sake’s get your head out of your “Arsch” and try to inform yourself a little bit better next time you post something on an Internet forum.

  1. Woa, man. It’s like each time you go back to the US there’s some weird experience.
    Maybe if you were black, we would be reading headlines saying “American returns from Japan and is mistaken for kidnapper and killed “, and then there would be unrest in the suburbs.

    1. It’s a weird country.

      You know, Americans like to paint Japan as some strange place, and I used to think it was, too. But after having lived here for a while, I realize that’s not right. Japan’s actually really normal, even a bit boring. The U.S. is the weird place. It’s like the wild west over there.

      And yeah, I’m a hundred percent sure being black wouldn’t have improved the situation any.

    1. Promise? Commitment? You sure you’ve got the right guy?

      Although I agree that, in theory, once per month would be a good idea. Thanks for the encouragement.

    2. i think u need to put a gun on Ken’s head for such instruction
      to which he will respond with a laugh and order pizza with corn and mayo instead of posting

  2. First, very sorry to hear you and Hidemi suffered through that.
    I often say that while living Japan had its flaws, they were on the whole just annoyances – compared to the mortal danger of situations just like the one you were in, that happen every day here. If its not police, its bounty hunters with the wrong address.

    I’m sure I’m not your only fan who lives in LA. You could always take advantage of us when you travel and see if we can help you out – I’m sure any of us would love to. For starters we could give you lots of alternatives to McDonalds – no wonder Hidemi thinks the food is terrible. And anyone in LA would tell you, you need a navigation system, and not the kind the rental car company gives to you.

    Anyways, so sorry to hear that happened. All the best

    1. Ah, thanks. You embody what I like best about the U.S.—that friendly openness. The reality is both countries have good and bad, which are two sides of the same coin. In the U.S., the sides are just a little more stark, that’s all.

      Seriously though, thanks for your kindness.

      1. “I love America because it’s so free,” but then like, “America is scary because of all the guns.” Well, guess what? They’re the same thing. The two things are related, 

        1. Yeah… Because guns equal freedom.

          That’s some profound logic you have going.

          The pinnacle of American political theory and philosophy.

          1. Stephen, how is the country not allowing you to have some descent self protection not taking away a freedom? A gun is a fairly good equalizer of power and even a good enough deterrent. No, it doesn’t fix it all, but it doesn’t hurt much either. The government telling you can’t own a gun is like telling you that it is presumes your guilt, you are a bad person and you are going to abuse the gun, which is really just a pretend to take away something that governments in general don’t like. You can of course pretend this is not what the government is saying it and it is indeed of course #notall, but because a gun will eventually find its way to someone that goes nuts! But a knife can find its way too and countries like the UK have absolutely retarded laws even for that. Someone somewhere there could do anything with whatever. We can’t ban all sorts of whatever. And then you have the final fact of the vast majority of “gun violence” being between gangs with to begin with illegal guns.
            It is easy to dismiss gun ownership, because of nice feelings, but if you try and think about it the reality doesn’t do much to support your feelings.

  3. Hey guys,

    Come to Australia. It’s friendly in a US kind of way, but no guns. (Okay, some people, but I’ve lived decades there without seeing a gun, definitely no handguns).

  4. Welcome to AmeriKa, Sensei. The whole country is falling apart now with the last 25+ years of the USA being run by puppets of globalism. Everything is so illogical nowadays with the PC police and media propaganda that makes no sense to most normal people. All morals, religion and cultural values are under attack from our own government and the controlled media, while progressives illegally control agencies of the government to attack any American citizen that is perceived as an opponent to their crazy rule. Judges under their control have stuck down laws requiring photo IDs for voting so they can have illegal immigrants vote multiple times and dead people are now registering to vote in unheard of numbers all across the country, so we are now officially the land of Zombies…LOL! That means there will be some serious vote rigging in this next election for President. At stake in this election is control of the Supreme Court and complete control of our economy by big banks and financial institutions on Wall Street that are part of the one world order.

    I’m glad that you are OK, but I have to say that girlfriend of yours has balls of steel to risk walking along a LA freeway like that, so I’m glad that the police were thinking of her safety. I can’t imagine them sending so many police to help her… so she must be quite the looker! Police departments across the US are under attack from the left, so they are acting very strange lately and in part, its because of the current President Barrack Obama and the democrats choose to foment social unrest to divide American’s and keep them from thinking rationally. Every time there is an event where police shoot a civilian, whether they’re a criminal or not, the Justice department automatically attacks police and the President says things like “that could have been my child” and then they support activist groups that openly talk of race wars against whites. They are trying to start a race war!

    I think it will be interesting to watch the next US Presidential election for all the world to see. I’m seriously thinking that there will be a civil war in the United States if the election is tampered with, so I wouldn’t recommend visiting the US until after the election is over and the globalists are removed. Otherwise if they rig the election, there will be a shooting war and a new American revolution. That’s something that will shock the world and change the balance of power completely. It will directly affect all US allies, particularly Japan and South Korea as China will immediately move to take advantage of our weakened situation (if it does occur). Good luck staying safe if China starts a shooting war with Japan when the US becomes immobilized in a civil war!

    1. Hi Bud,

      From where I stand, folks in Australia are reasonably happy, even with globalisation and all that stuff. There hasn’t been a recession in most people’s memory, so globalisation can’t be too bad.

      Also we don’t have that second amendment stuff to worry about. Just … no …guns.

      1. Hey Veejay,

        Trying to compare Australia’s economy and the US is hard to do, plus America is tasked with protecting many other nations, like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and to some extent Australia, as well as many other countries around the world per our military treaties. Globalization is a really complex issue and impossible to explain in this blog, so I would ask that you google it and look up Bilderberg and the merging of the Rockefellers and Rothschild companies in 2012. Look into the 1912 US election where the Republican vote was split between Teddy Roosevelt and the corrupt Taft which allowed the Robber Barons – Rockefeller, Carnegie and J.P. Morgan to buy the election for Woodrow Wilson and then he created the FED. The FED controls the US money supply and manages our Gold deposits and directs the printing of US money as well as setting interest rates and controlling all national banks, BUT is NOT a US GOVERNMENT AGENCY or controlled by the US Government except that the Congress has approval authority over the sitting head of it (but that’s only a titular puppet, not the people that actually make the financial policies). It is a privately owned secret organization reportedly owned by the most powerful and richest people on the planet and their membership is still unknown to this very day.

        Current globalist agendas seem to be focused on destroying white collar jobs in America and destroying the middle class, so look into the concentration of wealth over the last 50 years where the percentage of national wealth controlled by an ever shrinking percentage of Mega-billionaires implies that only a very few control almost all of the wealth. Here in America, middle class wages are spiraling down and home ownership is falling rapidly. Reliable Health Care is collapsing for the average American and control of the Internet is being handed over to Europe for no reason whatsoever giving them control over the backbone of the next BIG BROTHER. These globalists at the top manipulate currencies around the world to control markets to their advantage (George Soros and company) while other mega-billionaires control the Republican party and the media in the US, (like the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdock, he’s an Australian). Still others control the Media like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates and Zuckerberg among others. I recommend you spend some time on the internet researching this and I promise you will be completely surprised and scared by the scope and audacity of these new Robber Barons.

        1. Hi Bud,

          I’ve been aware of Bilderberg since the 1980s at least, and of course I know that the FED is actually a consortium of bankers, not a government agency. Also, Rupert Murdoch WAS an Australian. He inherited a newspaper from his father in South Australia, launched “The Australian” newspaper in the 1960s when I was a lad, and slowly built a world empire. He became an American to facilitate that process.

          I believe you are ex US Marines. Australians have proudly fought beside US troops in all major world conflicts since WWI. Plus, I might add, we sent troops to both WWI and WWII three years each time before the USA. But our alliance with the US – definitely you guys hold the big stick.

          As for globalisation, is it a conspiracy to destroy jobs and rob the little guy? I don’t know. I supported Brexit for many reasons, but I don’t want to comment about upcoming elections in the US.

          But Japan? it’s definitely not a bad place to be. I was in hospital here after an operation for over a month, and everyone was great. I don’t have anything bad to say about the country.

          1. Glad to see you are very in touch with many world events Veejay. I also think I’d rather live in Japan nowadays after what is happening in the United States, but really I’m still very much confused as to what the current globalist’s objectives are? I do know the impact it’s having on the United States though and it is destroying the middle class (I see its affect on my son’s generation and my nephews and nieces) through decreased wages, minimized job benefits, increased health costs and a worsening economy. Professions like Engineers, Pilots, Doctors and Lawyers are also really feeling the pinch and it seems like the government agencies are trying to control the general public through privacy violations (NSA spying on enemies of the state) and threatened use of the IRS and other government agencies to attack groups and/or individuals that are openly complaining about the way the government is acting. Case in point: a Billionaire Theil (openly gay and minority rights supporter) spoke at the Republican convention and endorsed Trump, then a month later the US government files a lawsuit against his company in California for not hiring enough Asians (he only has 15% and they say he should have 25% which is total BS), which is just their way of tying him up in legalities as an excuse to keeping his companies from bidding on Government contracts. The media also report him to be a traitor to the LGBT community and demand a boycott on his companies. It’s nothing but payback and a warning to anyone that they are going to make you pay financially with any and all means, illegal or not, to agree to their views.

            The media and education system seems completely biased against Christianity and conservative viewpoints…, no is actually hostile and insulting towards them in fact. I also believe that the voting process in the USA is very much in doubt also and that there are elements both inside and outside the country that are trying to destabilize this nation. I can’t trust the election results when there are so many reported instances of voter rigging already this far ahead of the election in November. Hardly a week goes by that there’s not a terrorist attack somewhere in the US now and many don’t even get nationally reported.

            I see the Rothschilds and Rockefellers merge their companies and I see a former President (GB Sr.) openly support the wife of the man that beat him for President. I did some digging and found out that Bush Sr’s grandfather was a lifelong Rockefeller middleman that worked for them to take over the railroads and then funneled government jobs to them and helped them to take over Remington arms prior to WWI. He also helped to build up the armaments industry in Germany through supporting an industrialist named Thyssen in Germany in the late 1920s, who bankrolled the Nazi Party. He was also a founding member of the Brown Brothers/Harriman private bank that is reported to be part owner of the FED with reported assets of 4.5 trillion dollars.


            I lived in D.C. for 4 years and saw the Congress, Senate, Supreme Court and President with my own eyes and learned how the military worked at the highest echelons and I have never had less respect for those institutions than I do now. In the United States, there is a law called the Hatch Act:

            The 1939 Act forbade the intimidation or bribery of voters and restricts political campaign activities by federal employees. It prohibits using any public funds designated for relief or public works for electoral purposes. It forbade officials paid with federal funds from using promises of jobs, promotion, financial assistance, contracts, or any other benefit to coerce campaign contributions or political support.

            This law is no longer being enforced and it is common knowledge that our attorney Generals under Obama have flagrantly ignored this and dozens of other laws to “fundamentally change the United States” without any organized opposition from the opposing political Party (the Republicans) and now we know why, as so demonstrated by the Bush Family… the republican establishment and organizers were controlled by the same people supporting and controlling the democratic party establishment and both parties have rigged systems to ANNOINT a picked Presidential nominee that is alternately (Both Democrats and Republicans are controlled by the same people and take turns winning the Presidency) chosen.

            Bernie Sanders found out after the emails of the DNC were hacked and released over the internet how the parties rig the system for their anointed candidates. The head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman had to resign because of it, but Trump beat the system on the republican side and then all those RINOs (republicans in name only) decided to back Hillary Clinton; like Bush and Mitt Romney. I really can’t stand Donald Trump, but Hillary is a known criminal and habitual liar that has poor judgement and will betray the people for personal wealth. Plus she is married to a serial sexual predator that has repeatedly gotten away with harassment, assault and rape, maybe even murder. He spent many months travelling to locations know to traffic is child sex slaves with a convicted British Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who sold women into sexual slavery for the rich and powerful.

            I guess that Trump is the lessor of two evils for me since I have met the Clintons in Arkansas and have friends and relatives that have known of their criminal past and sexual misconduct for years and I believe my relatives stories of what happened. You know the DNC emails that Wiki-leaks published prior to the DNC convention that anointed Hillary… the guy that leaked them was murdered a week later.

          1. A Clinton campaign email released as part of the Wikileaks data dump earlier today talks about the need to maintain political power by producing “an unaware and compliant citizenry (that’s you Jerry)”.

            The email was sent to Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta by former Clinton administration official Bill Ivey on March 13, 2016.

            Ivey was appointed Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts during Bill Clinton’s second term. According to his bio, Ivey “is a trustee of the Center for American Progress (a Clinton campaign front spin group), and was a Team Leader in the Barack Obama presidential transition.”

            Jerry, you might want to smoke what these people have since you are definitely one of their kind of people!

          2. 4 million dead Americans on voter rolls:


            No mainstream media will talk about this except Foxx and they only did it once and haven’t mentioned it since early this morning. But they played a video of Obama talking about how no mass voter fraud has ever been proven. Looks like the globalists have decided to shut this story down as they are keeping it from YouTube, Facebook and twitter as well as taking down independent web sites that mention it, like the The guy that was talking here is a Justice department lawyer who is an election fraud specialist too.

  5. US cops need more training, most of the time they are taught to shoot at the slightest hint of their life being in danger and given authority without being taught how to excersize it. Instead of starting to scream the instant they encounter you, they should learn how to instill a sence of respect and authority without having to even touch their gun and raise their voice

  6. Seriously Ken, LA of all places. Please don’t use that hell hole of a city as a shining example of America. But you are correct America is falling apart. I still can’t believe that this has happened to you and I am profusely sorry for what you and Hidemi went through. Please except my apologies for my fellow American’s behavior. I can’t even guess the atmosphere in LA now that would lead them to act in that manner and I am personally embarrassed for our country. (I am face planting after I type this to one whom I hold in the highest regard)

    Ouch, Face planting is murder on the knees, How do they do that, … Hmmmmm!

  7. Bud’s recent posts are nothing more than veiled racism. Support for unconstitutional voter ID laws, unfettered support for the US police that routinely shoots and kills unarmed citizens, mostly black citizens. As well as advocating violence and civil war in response to a “rigged” system. And the most revealing of all, blaming the President for attacking the Police because he empathized with a dead child’s parents. The Police kill with impunity yet they are the one’s being persecuted. Yeah right!?

    Ken’s article shines a bright light on the regular use and abuse by the US Police of violent and disproportionate response to any given situation. They are not peacemakers or professionals, they’re Biff’s living out their Dirty Harry, Rambo, Lethal Weapon wet dreams.

    1. Maybe you should look things up before you talk about US policies. Blacks shot by police are not the majority, by far. Also, more than ten times the number of blacks shot by police all year are killed by black on black violence in Chicago alone (and the President has said nothing about his home city where he was first elected to office), that’s just 1 large US City, which has been controlled by the democrats for over 100 years. And the real racists are those that advocate killing police and whites, like Black lives matter and the New Black Panthers. I’m not advocating a civil war, only noticing what the common people are saying in the local media, try googling it as many politicians in both parties have also talked about. Anyone familiar with the voting history in the U.S. since 2000 knows that its rigged (just ask Gore), I’m just listening to the news about people fed up with the politicians and the liberal bias and name calling. Anyone watching the US news can see that the democrats are race baiting and inflaming racial tensions in an effort to destabilize the country. BTW, I am a registered Democrat and dislike the Bush Family and their Saudi pals. My Grand Father was a Democratic Mayor In Illinois of a small town and was part of Mayor Daley’s political machine in Chicago and I grew up hearing stories of voter rigging.

      I’m not saying there aren’t bad cops that over use force by any means (and they should be prosecuted), but many police have been ambushed and killed by activists (recently 5 in Houston during a protest), so they are probably justifiably nervous. Its not unconstitutional to provide a photo ID to vote, its a law in my state, but they find judges that will claim that in court just to nullify those laws in critical states for the election, just to make it easier to defraud the voting system. Think about this, they require photo ID for purchasing liquor for god’s sake, why not to prove who you are legally vote. Just recently over 1000 illegal aliens were found registered to vote in Virginia (a critical state for the next election):

      Some state votes for president have been decided with less than a few thousand votes in the past and that could swing an entire state’s electoral votes which could then decide the Presidency, like it did in Florida in 2000.BTW, Democrats were the party of racist in the South, look it up. George Wallace the great segregationist was a democrat and Abraham Lincoln, the great emancipator was a republican.

      Seems like all those with liberal bias love to call people racist, what a crock! Hollywood is the one that glorified Dirty Harry, Rambo, Lethal weapon and at that time, back when the criminals were getting more protection from the legal system than victim’s were and when America was still hurting from the losses in Vietnam,,, so yeah, a lot of people resented that, and the movies tried to make money off of that sentiment. Blame Hollywood, that’s run by the liberals, not conservatives or moderates.

      You seem to be pretty gullible to believe all that media hype and not attempt to find out the real situation before throwing around claims of racism Stephen. You should educate yourself before misunderstanding people and believing in a US president that spends more time golfing than working at his job, who spends more time talking about a few hundred deaths that those thousands killed in inner city violence in the US each year. He wasn’t empathizing with those parents, but propagandizing and making political statements by taking advantage of a horrible situation, as proven by his silence on other deaths of inner city children killed by black on black violence. Police kill with impunity… don’t make me laugh; they are more scrutinized and persecuted than any other profession, while performing one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. More police are killed than unarmed blacks each year, but that number is still only around a hundred, while pales in comparison to the several thousand blacks that are killed in Chicago alone each year. Where is the media sympathy that brings their stories to light. For over a decade black violence and murders against whites have been 4 times more likely, so who are the real racists? Yes, I’m not black, but does that make me racist by definition.. I don’t think so!

      1. Here is a link to the best article written about voter fraud that I have read. BTW, it was written by John Gibbs, an African American who opposes Donald Trump. John Gibbs is a regular contributor to The Federalist and Real Clear Politics. He’s worked at Apple as an engineer on the iPhone, and has used his fluency in Japanese to teach technology to churches in Japan. John holds a B.S. in computer science from Stanford University and a master in public administration from Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government.

      2. Not one word or public outcry from any liberal group or Obama about these deaths:

        Actually it ended up 19 shot and 7 dead over one night in Chicago and this happens a lot. The Democratic party Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel has done little to stop the violence. Emanuel started in the democratic party when he was appointed as director of the finance committee for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign. In 1993, he joined the Clinton administration, where he served as the assistant to the president for political affairs and as the senior advisor to the president for policy and strategy before resigning, in 1998. Beginning a career in finance, Emanuel worked at the investment bank Wasserstein Perella & Co. from 1998 for 2½ years and served on the board of directors of Freddie Mac.

        In 2002, Emanuel ran for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives vacated by Rod Blagojevich, as he resigned to become governor of Illinois (who was later put in prison for corruption). Emanuel won the first of three terms representing Illinois’s 5th congressional district, a seat he held from 2003 to 2009. During his tenure in the House, Emanuel held two Democratic leadership positions, serving as the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee from 2005 to 2007 and as the chair of the House Democratic Caucus, from 2007 to 2009. After the 2008 presidential election, President Barack Obama appointed Emanuel to serve as White House chief of staff.

        More Blacks have died by violence in Chicago since 2001 than all Americans killed in Iraq or Afghanistan during those armed conflicts, yet President Obama has never demanded an investigation by the Justice department into these deaths because his party (the Democrats) are running that town and control the voters there.

        “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel quote. This explains Obama’s habit of making political statements to take advantage of tragedy and use it to stir up hatred and division in this country that has lead to so many deaths by guns recently. Chicago death toll has risen 72% SINCE the Ferguson incident where the Obama administration and other Democratic party supported groups, like “Black Lives Matter” tried to stir up racial hatred! Here’s a link to understand what happened there:

        1. “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – George Walker Bush quote re: Iraq War and Patriot Act (Iraq is the country that didn’t attack the US on 9/11)

          1. Finally, something we agree upon Stephen, but the quote is still Emanuel’s (it is in his BOOK)and is a Paraphrase of Sal Alinski’s Rules for Radicals (a communist/socialist propaganda bible):



            George Bush and Family should be put in prison for war crimes in the Iraq War, so I agree with you that the Patriot act and subsequent cover-up by the Bush’s of Saudi involvement in the 9/11 attacks on America (as recently backed up by a 28 page classified document released by WikiLeaks) shows how these people take advantage of a crisis to enact legislation that destroys human rights and freedoms. The Bush family and their Carlos Slim and Koch brothers friends are as bad as anything the democrats do.

            They are all partners in crime in my opinion and until this unholy alliance between globalists (as represented by the consortium of bankers and financiers/robber barons of wall street) and politicians (in both of America’s 2 main political parties) is ended, they will continue to erode freedoms and create conflicts around the world to suit their lust for power and money.

    2. There’s no getting through to people like Bud. Once someone goes down that path, they’re on a political bender for life. It’s extremely common among U.S. males, unfortunately, especially as they reach their middle ages and above. I hope he gets banned, if only for posting massive walls of text and leaving more words here in the comments than Ken even used to write this blog.

      1. I’m pretty cool to let people express their opinions through comments, even if they digress rather substantially from the topic at hand. I have banned people in the past for simply being insulting, while contributing nothing of value, but it’s pretty rare. You gotta be a major dick to get banned here, honestly.

        Bud thinks about things, and genuinely offers up his thoughts. The fact that you or I might not agree with him isn’t really important, ’cause that’s life. In a room of ten people, I’d be thrilled to pieces if two ever agreed with me. Sigh.

        Although I’ll say, Bud, I do wish to hell you’d be more succinct.

        1. At this stage in my life, I truly enjoy discovering intelligent ideas and concepts, to wit a large number of people that comment (not to mention Seeroi Sensei) on this blog have duly impressed me. Jerry, unfortunately, you are not one of those! AND, please feel free not to address any more posts towards me as I agree with you that we are unlikely to ever come to any understanding on anything.

          Ken, I’m working on that succinctness!

          1. “At this stage in my life, I truly enjoy discovering intelligent ideas and concepts”

            Really? I thought those walls of text had everything figured out already.

            Real quote translation: “I truly enjoy discovering sites that indulge my conformation bias.”

          2. Stephen, your heart is in the right place to be angry about the situation in this world, but you are focusing your anger in the wrong direction (as the stated objective of propaganda is meant to do), IMHO. Walls of text are hard to read and conceptually hard to understand and I am often unable to find the right words to express myself (as Ken has pointed out), but I definitely don’t have my mind around the web of lies and deception that the rulers of America have put up to disguise their intentions. I am only proffering an opinion and try to back up what I believe with some evidence or reasoning.

            You are welcome to your opinion and I respect that, but if you can see past the words and discover my intent: to search for the truth, then you should see common ground with me, as I have done with you! (some of what I have posted is awaiting moderation as it contains another wiki-leak reference, but I agreed with you about the Bush’s completely.) Years of experience and seeing things happening around the world first hand has broadened my views and helped me to see through some of the bullshit that the media and governments engage in.

            I would ask that you please temper your name calling, biased assumptions and insults as I would be happy to discuss anything I say or believe in in an orderly manner, but making generalized statements in a weak attempt to demeanor me is not going to win you any argument.

          3. Hi Bud,

            You sound like a nice and committed guy, who would be welcome in my house any day, even if we had diametrically opposed opinions. I have lots of friends who don’t share exactly my world view, but it’s rising above that and recognizing all the other tings that unite us that enable us to be friends.


            Found this gem. America is now a third world country officially. Democrats have paid agitators that rig elections and incite violence at opposition rallies to intimidate and suppress people’s will. Read it soon, they are closing these links as people can make them. This is like a nightmare for America and makes us no better than Russia or China. Its a disgrace!

            Some of this video is hard to understand since they use so many acronyms, so be patient and you will be really entertained by the absurdity of it all. This nails the coffin on the lid of America as the hope of democracy forever!!

  8. Don’t the cops all carry tasers too? Why do they always have to reach of the gun? No, I don’t want to get shocked either, but it’s better than a funeral.

    But, Ken, It sounds like you have bad taste in women, seriously. Unless she has a huge rack and wakes you with a BJ every morning, leave her by the roadside the next time she pulls something like that. This pouty me-me-me shit is just not cool, and in the middle of LA for chrissakes? Grow up!

    1. You’re right, I do have terrible taste in women. Starting with the fact that they’re a) Japanese and b) women.

      I’m trying to engineer a solution that doesn’t involve leaving the country and turning gay, but so far, eh, not looking too promising.

      1. Whatever about your girlfriend, sorry but in a civilized country your survival chances should not depend on the choice of the girlfriend…

  9. I broke up with America recently, for this and a host of similar reasons. Be forewarned, though, like in any messy divorce, she will try to take all of your money before she lets you go.

  10. It’s just fantastic how you do some terrific experience looks like a hilarious one, Seeroi-sensei ^-^
    Nah, really, your write has something very interesting, is fun read ^-^
    Would ya to begin a light novel?

  11. Hi Ken,

    Sorry to misuse your newest article, I’d to request a comment/article on the good old “racism in Japan” subject.

    Recently I have come across this japanese music video:

    While I think the song is good and all (dat 90s Shibuya Kei), the top comment ruined it for me: “gaijin kids go home!!!!” (The video has the japanese singer walking/dancing with two western kids). The fact that this is the top comment with 7 upvotes is rather disturbing.

    So, could you comment on your recent experiences with racism, if any? How do you/the person handle it? How do you think should one handle it? How frequent is it? What do you think could one do to improve the situation? Any things that should be considered (region, workplace, playground, school, the persons ethnic/looks?)

    As always, thanks for this fantastic blog, much better than all those pro-japan youtube channels and what not.

    1. Man, 7 up votes and shit amounts to the same thing for me. You know, some people are just trolls, and maybe not even Japanese and pretend to be just to the distress of others. As for racism, if you regularly read Ken posts, you will see how his life as a foreign in Japan and all the bitter sides. Also, there are tags in each article, you know, there’s a tag called japanise-racism.

      As for an article specific about it, we’re already pointing guns at Ken’s head while he orders pizza in the hope of him writing a post per month. Don’t get your hopes up.

    2. I’m about a hundred percent sure the person who wrote “gaijin kids go home” wasn’t Japanese. So there’s that.

      Naturally, there’s no shortage of racism in Japan—although looking ’round the world, it doesn’t look like many countries are doing much better. I feel like I’ve written about discrimination a fair bit, so let’s conduct a little poll.

      How many people would

      A) like to hear Ken Seeroi drone on about Japanese racism yet again, or

      B) are sick of me bitching about it, and ready to move on to another topic?

      I’ll let the people decide. And no, there is no C. It’s like the U.S. election; cast your vote for the lesser of two evils.

      1. What you consider more worth talking about! No, it is not like election, we can use the fact that there will be a thinking brain behind the decision!

        By the way hello from a guy that is studying Japanese from scratch, alone (because I did one course where they only thought barely hiragana and I thought I was better off alone with flashcard of Jouyou kanji and Core10k), and outside of Japan. Yeah not that I’m not aware about how crazy this can be…

  12. Woooh! Am I the only one picking up on this?? Seeroi-sensei has (or perhaps by now HAD) a girlfriend?? Way to go Ken! No wonder you’ve been so quiet lately.

  13. The free USA world that a lot of Japanese girls fantasize about is about as real as the exciting Japanese anime / manga world that a lot of Western otaku nerds fantasize about.

    With the difference that you won’t find yourself staring down the barrel of a gun in Japan if you try and live that life a bit. It just doesn’t happen.

  14. Girlfriend insisted you stop the car so she could get out and walk home, in an unknown area of america? Resulting in you getting detained by the police? Sounds like its time to find a girlfriend with a tad more common sense… On another note… The way western society is now favouring women over men is absolutely ridiculous… In any conflict with women, Man is assumed guilty until dead… Woman always innocent…

  15. Everybody has a gun story because that’s almost a genre of writing in the States. I’m a North American but I live in England and the police here are generally very good. That said, the culture itself can be different even though it looks very similar to the US on the surface. The economy is different. The way people interact on the street is different. So the policing will be different. I suspect that is true between the States and Japan as well. Having grown up in southern California, I should note that it’s a very complex issue, especially in Los Angeles. LA isn’t a war zone. It’s a place where personal freedom and social unrest pull the culture in opposite directions on a regular basis.

  16. Jesus. What a nightmare. Specifically, every Japanese girl’s nightmare when they imagine a worst-case-scenario on their trip to America. I’m so sorry she had to experience that and see the absolute shittiest aspect of American society on her second day in the country. Good thing you didn’t have a gun on you at the time. You know, for “protection.”

    On another note, I’ve also had my Chinese girlfriend storm out of the car on a busy freeway and pretend she’s going to walk home. At like 2am. Over 4 miles from our apartment. I think someone needs to send a memo to Asian ladies to inform them that this particular protest strategy is not nearly as effective in the US as it may have been back home. Only a suicidal person would try to walk inner city streets as an attractive young lady at 2am. (would be interested to know if American women try this as well, or if it’s something popularized by Asian dramas or whatever)

    1. In my experience, it seems to be “one of those Asian things,” along with pouting, sulking, insisting she’s right on matters she’s no knowledge of, and generally expecting to be treated like a princess. I wish I could say this was the first lady this happened with. Eh, maybe it’s just me. Still, I don’t recall it ever happening in the U.S.

      1. Replace “asian” with “female” and you may be on to something.

        Though, with further consideration I may have to admit to doing something similar myself.

        So yeah, not just you.

      2. To be brutally honest, its not about being Asian. The “normal” woman of whatever race is unlikely to be interested in a real relationship outside of her race. Just a cold, hard fact. I lived in Japan, and it was very apparent that such was the case. Same is true elsewhere. Girls who go after “different” men usually do so repeatedly and are mentally unstable in some way.

        1. I have to agree with you, although “mentally unstable” might be a bit harsh. “Unconventional” is probably closer to the mark, but either way, point taken—it doesn’t bode particularly well.

    2. Did you guys see the video a couple months ago from China where a woman exited the car during an argument during drive thru of wild animal park, and was dragged off by a tiger?

      1. Yukita,

        Thanks so much for the link, but it literally took my breath away. I just can’t understand the emotions in a person that could completely negate the survival instinct!

  17. Hi, Ken, i am from Brazil. I don´t have any plans to live in japan but i love your blog and the way you writes.
    If you have plans to write a book or something, know that already guaranteed to sell at least one book. Sorry for the bad english.

    1. Thanks a bunch. The day I post on a blog in Portuguese is the day I’ll feel free to criticize your English.

      And about a book, well, maybe one of these days, hey. Sure does seem like writing it’s gonna to cut into my beer-drinking time though.

  18. Japan – You can walk down the street with open can of Sapporo.

    U.S. – You get locked up and/or heavily fined for doing that. But hey, you can walk into Starbucks with a loaded Glock on your hip.

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