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Mo’ Money in Japan

Allow me to save you some reading time today, by giving you the conclusion of this article in the first paragraph.  Because as any young lady who’s visited my apartment can tell you, Ken Seeroi is all about time efficiency.  Do the dishes? Wash clothes? Take a shower?  That’s just precious time that could be...
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My Very Brief Fight with a Yakuza

This is the story I don’t want to tell, about my fight with a Japanese gangster, because it’s so horrible.  But I’ve held onto it too long already, so I’ll just lay it out. The night started out pretty much like every other, drinking with some random Japanese girl in Ikebukuro.  What can I say,...
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The Shochu, The Yakuza, and the Hostess Bar

My New Year’s resolution was to exercise more, but it’s just not working out like that.  All I could see was sawdust and screws when I opened my eyes this morning.  It was like 4 a.m.  Man, I gotta quit getting up so early.  But for some strange reason the room wasn’t dark.  So while...
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One Really Long Year in Japan

Fellow citizens, our long national nightmare is finally over. Let us now embark upon that shining road to recovery. Of course, by “national” I mean Japan, and “long nightmare” as in my teaching English here while everyone else listens to my grumbling about it. In retrospect, I guess I should have read my one-year school...
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