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Going to Alcoholics Anonymous in Japan

There’s only two things you need to know about being an alcoholic in Japan. The first is why you’ll become one, and the second is how to cure your pickled ass. Fortunately for you, Ken Seeroi has already been there and back, so you’re covered in both departments. So I recently quit drinking. This was...
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Sleeping in Japan

Going out Friday night is great, because it’s like your weekend is three days long instead of two. That’s an extra 80%. I use math to make all important decisions in my life. So late one Friday night, I found myself going to a club with Dave and Eri. Dave’s super power is speaking English,...
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The Shochu, The Yakuza, and the Hostess Bar

My New Year’s resolution was to exercise more, but it’s just not working out like that.  All I could see was sawdust and screws when I opened my eyes this morning.  It was like 4 a.m.  Man, I gotta quit getting up so early.  But for some strange reason the room wasn’t dark.  So while...
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Surprising Service in Japan

I went to a small, ramshackle Japanese restaurant this evening, and the impossible happened.  Namely, I ordered, ate, paid, and left.  The food was great, as Japanese food always is, but the service . . . well, I was, as we say in Japan, shock-u. Specifically, the hostess seated me and handed me a menu. ...
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After the Last Train, it’s Ramen, Amen

So somehow it came to pass that I found myself in Ikebukuro at 3:30 a.m., drinking malt liquor, eating kimchee and a really fabulous grilled mackerel, helping this random izakaya owner translate his signs into English.  If you go into a bar there and see a “Customers must pay when they order” sign, then yeah,...
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