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The Day I Got Shot in Japan

The first shot was like a needle to the sternum, and I was trying to figure out how a bee had stung me in the chest. The next one glanced off my right thumb, and the gravity of the situation quickly dawned on me, since that’s my beer-graspin’ hand. The guy next to me took...
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On the Run from the Japanese Police

So last Wednesday I taught at this Japanese middle school.  And as I was riding home on my midget little scooter, I caught a glimpse of a Japanese motorcycle cop off to my left.  I was cresting a small hill, and he was just kind of sitting there when I cruised past.  I thought for...
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How the Japanese Police Stole my Bike

It was just a matter of time before I got arrested in Japan. Well, I mean “arrested” is a pretty vague term, don’t you think?  I think so.  You know, like if you’re stopped for, let’s just say, stealing a bicycle, that’s not really arrested.  That’s more like “detained.”  Anyway, that’s my story.  So maybe...
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A Japanese Suicide

They say that no one goes through life unscathed.  But you know Ken Seeroi ain’t trying to hear that.  I figured hey, move to a nice safe country with pretty girls and amazing food and just avoid that whole scathing thing altogether. Well, you can’t say I didn’t try.  But instead, I found myself smack...
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My Very Brief Fight with a Yakuza

This is the story I don’t want to tell, about my fight with a Japanese gangster, because it’s so horrible.  But I’ve held onto it too long already, so I’ll just lay it out. The night started out pretty much like every other, drinking with some random Japanese girl in Ikebukuro.  What can I say,...
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How to be Popular in Japan

I’m the most popular guy in town.  And given that about a million people live in my town, that’s quite a distinction, seriously.  So recently I bought a jump rope.  Look, it’s not easy keeping in shape in Japan.  Like I’d just gotten home last Thursday night when I got a call from this old...
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