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Japanese Fireworks, Better in Every way but One

Has it already been two weeks?  Jeez, where does the time go?  So yeah, a couple of weekends ago I went to a Japanese fireworks festival.  Seems like only yesterday.  Anyway, suffice to say that watching fireworks in Japan is just like watching fireworks in the U.S., except better in, uh, every single way. To...
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The Japanese Festival I Never Saw

I love Skype, if only because my brother can still drunk-dial me from the U.S., where it’s apparently nighttime, even it’s 5 a.m. in Japan and I’m fast asleep in my futon. I answered Skype in the customary fashion. “Yo, nigga,” I said. “My nigga!” he said.  This is how white people talk when black...
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