The Real Japanese Learners

Making the Jump from Intermediate to Advanced Japanese

Recently, a reader posed an interesting question:

I’ve done the entire Pimsleur system, gone half way through Rosetta Stone, through RTK1, taken up an SRS, spent countless hours listening to Japanese audio, watching untranslated Japanese TV, trying to read sentences, and I feel I have very little to show for it.

I’ve read that people who are good at identifying patterns are also good at learning language. This is interesting because I suck at identifying patterns. Consequently, whenever watching/listening to something in Japanese, my brain seems to think it would be a better idea to start thinking about English things rather than listening closely.

I was wondering, how did you go from having a promising beginning to being fluent? You once mentioned that about 90% of people who say they’re going to learn Japanese eventually give up.  What I’d like to know is how you got past that point, and became a part of the 10% that make it all the way through. Continue reading “The Real Japanese Learners”

Learn Japanese Quickly – in 7 Easy Steps

So you want to learn Japanese fast?  Great—you can!—in just seven easy steps.  Just like the pros.

Now don’t deny it, you want to believe those guys on the internet claiming to have “learned Japanese” in like a year or two.  For some reason it’s always guys too—why is that?  Aren’t women supposed to be better at languages?  Nah, that can’t be right.  Anyway, since they apparently learned Japanese so quickly, you (presumably) can too.  But how’d they do it, and more importantly—do you have what it takes?  Let’s find out. Continue reading “Learn Japanese Quickly – in 7 Easy Steps”